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New Book: Beverly Hills Boss
The Step-By-Step Blueprint To Start A Business, Grow In Your Career and Become The BOSS of Your Destiny...
What Is This Book About?
After struggling for years to climb over all the obstacles life put in my way, I promised that once I was in a position of success that I would help others. 

In fact, YOU are my inspiration. YOU are the reason why I'm here and why I've poured my heart and soul into this book. 

It breaks my heart when I see smart, hard-working men and women fail at achieving their dreams of becoming a boss. Yes, it is hard. Yes, it requires sacrifice and commitment. But without a roadmap to get you through these obstacles, no amount of drive and determination will get you to the top.

I have invested thousands of dollars in my education to figure this all out. I've had the great opportunities to learn from mentors and business leaders on the edge of their industry. My network includes the best of the best. And now, I want to give that all to you. 

This book will give you practical advice on how to turn on the cash flow in your business, how to deal with the 'naysayers' and even how to market by having other people talk about you (my specialty!). 

Please take a look at all that is inside, and get started with the Action Steps at the end of every chapter. You will find that by the time you have gone through the entire book, you will have a step-by-step blueprint to success. 

To Your Boss Destiny, 
Cheering You On At Every Step, 

Nicole Rodrigues
Entrepreneur and HBIC (Head Boss In Charge) of NRPR Group Inc. 

P.S. After you have gone through the book, please reach out to me and share your big "ah-ha" takeaways. I can't wait to make you my next success story!

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 Here's What Other People Are Saying:
"Nicole has a unique ability to really understand company needs and help to get the message out into the world. She becomes a part of the company culture and a trusted team member and cheerleader leading to concrete results. " - Rachael McCrary
COO, Button Blockchain Technologies, Inc
"Nicole's genius is her ability to find a light shining within a person, and bounce that light through her lens to make them shine brightly in the world. She is authentic, curious, thoughtful, methodical, and infectiously optimistic."
- Eric Kaufmann, Executive Mentor and Sage, Author of Leadership Breakdown
"The sky belongs to the STARS!!! Nicole can take you there!" 
- Paul Vasquez
What People Are Saying About Nicole...
Nick Desai
co-founder and CEO, Heal

In 25 years of leading high-growth start-ups, I have worked with 9 different PR firms and Nicole Rodrigues stands head and shoulders above any other firm – including those 5 times her size and price. To say that she’s miles ahead of the other firms, though is not enough. Her talent, genuine enthusiasm and unrelenting support on behalf of her clients belies her unmatched strategic savvy, business acumen and thoughtful approach. She has an uncanny ability to weave a genuine narrative that captures the interest of otherwise evasive, tier 1 press on a sustained basis. Perhaps most importantly, Nicole and NRPR becomes a foundational asset of any company, and it’s CEO – and I am honored to have her not only as Heal’s PR person (forever), but also as a close and dear friend. 

Andréa Albright
CEO of Beverly Hills Publishing

When it came to partnering with a PR firm, I only wanted to work with the best. As the CEO and Publisher of Beverly Hills Publishing, my clients expect 5-star service for their book, their message, and their brand. NRPR has been an instrumental piece of getting my clients the highest quality publicity and third party media for their books. Nicole is a genius in building relationships that matter. My clients get the highest quality results that skyrocket their message to the top of thought leadership in their industry.

Tracy Hernandez

We've been fortunate to get Nicole's insights for several business projects. She is wicked smart. Exciting to work with.
Here's What You'll Learn From This Amazing Book:
  • The #1 key to finding the right mentorship and guidance along your path of entrepreneurship (do this wrong and you will be one of the statistics of businesses that fail, but do this RIGHT and your odds of success are almost guaranteed!)
  • How to launch a business without going into debt 
  • How to tap into your sense of self and develop a rock-solid inner belief system that skyrockets your confidence (no matter if no one else believes in you!)
  • If you’re already using visualization and affirmations to manifest your dreams… wait until you learn the secret to SUPERCHARGE the results so it happens faster and with less effort 
  • The hidden secret to make others WANT to follow you (HINT: it has nothing to do with your past experience but more about how you show up in the moment)
  • The top mindsets you need to break ASAP and why being an entrepreneur is so hard when you come from a steady paycheck
  • Why ‘stepping out of your comfort zone’ is the best place to discover new ideas and innovate your industry… and the SECRET to make it something you CRAVE instead of fear
  • My foolproof formula to getting new clients and customers to trust you... FAST
  • How to play the money game like a BOSS (I wish I would have known these secrets back when I first started)
  • What people are secretly looking for from a leader (when you understand the hidden psychology, you will be able to motivate others even when you aren’t in the room)
  • How to get thousands of dollars in FREE publicity (which is the best kind ;)
  • Where to go when you feel stuck and you are about to give up on your dream — bookmark this one in your browser bookmark!
  • How to dig deep into your reservoir of ambition, inspiration, and desire to make sure you make it all the way to the top!
  • And much, much more...
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